Ethereum-based market platform unveils a new DAO

Gnosis shaped its DAO based on the concept of futarchy. Gnosis, an Ethereum-based platform that facilitates betting on events and other metrics, revealed plans for its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, called GnosisDAO. “This will have the effect of progressively decentralizing Gnosis as a project using a native governance framework powered by their token […]

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Law Decoded: Independence Day Sees Challenges to Privacy, Property and Security, June 26–July 3

Bitcoin isn’t property under new Russian ruling while authorities in the U.S. and the EU challenge encrypted networks in this week’s Law Decoded. Every Friday, Law Decoded delivers analysis on the week’s critical stories in the realms of policy, regulation and law. Editor’s note The U.S. is preparing for its Independence Day tomorrow. New spikes […]

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