IOTA teams up with Austrian uni for Internet of Things and blockchain research lab

The IOTA Foundation is teaming up with one of Austria’s most prestigious universities to foster research in distributed ledger technologies. The IOTA Foundation, the non-profit organization behind IOTA, IOTA Tangle and MIOTA, announced they will be joining Austria’s newest Christian Doppler Laboratory, or CDL, as an industrial partner. The first of its kind, the laboratory is […]

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IOTA joins Japanese gov’t on blockchain-based maintenance project

The IOTA blockchain finds a use case in industrial maintenance. The IOTA Foundation, a non-profit organization behind the IOTA blockchain, is collaborating with Japan’s government on a project targeting industrial infrastructure. The foundation has partnered on a project initiated by major Japanese maintenance companies, Best Materia and IMC, IOTA representatives announced on Oct. 27. The […]

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MasterCard Asia files patent for Tangle-based device billing system

Blockchain could help shared device merchants avoid credit card fees, MasterCard says. MasterCard’s Singapore-based subsidiary filed a patent with the U.S. Patent Office detailing a payment system for using hardware devices that specifically mentions Iota’s (MIOTA) Tangle technology.  The patent claim, published on Aug. 20, proposes a pay-as-you-go system that uses a “transparent data storage […]

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Understanding Directed Acyclic Graphs in the Blockchain Landscape

DAGs present an encouraging approach, aimed to improve the existing speed, scalability and cost issues of blockchain technology. The more time you spend in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, the more you encounter some fairly arcane technologies and their accompanying terminologies. Blockchain technology, which started out as a simple immutable record composed of blocks of […]

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Green Policy and Crypto Energy Consumption in the EU

Solarization dominating green energy efforts in the EU. Society is now witnessing the implementation of digital currencies, AI and blockchain technology worldwide. These new digital technologies require a high consumption of electricity, currently produced predominantly using coal and fossil fuels that adversely impact the environment. A global shift toward green energy will require the removal […]

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