New partnership turns up the volume in crowded blockchain-backed music space

A collaboration between the Utopia Genesis Foundation and STOKR will enable new revenue streams for artists and investment tools for listeners Today, a freshly-announced partnership between the music-focused blockchain protocol Utopia Genesis Foundation and digital securities issuance platform STOKR makes it clear that the two companies are looking to heat up competition in the increasingly […]

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Monero-Mining Death Metal Band from 2077 Warns Humans on Lizard People Extinction Scheme

“Everything you heard, every theory that just doesn’t seem possible, every small inkling that something was just off about the world… is true.” Thank you for calling the Clinic of Advanced Biological Computing, this is Dr. Elliott Fisher. So began the strangest conversation Ive had as a journalist, with a time-traveling group of Monero-mining musicians […]

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