South Korean telecom launches blockchain wallet for official documents

South Korea’s SK Telecom is issuing a blockchain solution for the storage and management of government certificates. The South Korean telecom giant SK Telecom has announced it will issue its first digital wallet for blockchain-powered digital certificate storage and management with the approval of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. According to NewsTomato, SK’s […]

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Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone Use Blockchain for Roaming Settlement

Spain’s Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and U.K. provider Vodafone have finalized a trial blockchain solution for the settlement of roaming discount agreements. Three global industry leaders in telecommunications — Spain’s Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, and British provider Vodafone — have jointly finalized a trial blockchain solution for the settlement of roaming discount agreements.  Developed by blockchain startup […]

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Telecom Giant Thinks Blockchain Can Make Phone Insurance More Convenient

This South Korean company joined forces with Samsung to forward requests to insurance companies using Blockchain technology. South Korean telecommunications firm, SK Telecom, announced a blockchain-based document submission process for mobile phone insurance. This new protocol will do away with the company’s current antiquated paper processing methods. Before now, users had to visit a technical […]

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Blockchain-Powered 5G Phone Manufactured by Samsung Launches

SK Telecom released the world’s first 5G phone with a blockchain-powered ID authentication service incorporated. Samsung and SK Telecom, a South Korean mobile carrier, unveiled the world’s first 5G smartphone equipped with blockchain-powered ID authentication. The phone, called “Galaxy A Quantum”, has a quantum random number generation chipset developed in partnership with Samsung Electronics. The […]

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Blockchain to Revolutionize Luxury Watch Ownership

A Swiss watchmaker plans to authenticate and issue digital warranties issued via blockchain for a limited run of luxury watches. Digital identity consortium, Arianee, has authenticated a limited batch of luxury wallets using its blockchain protocol. On March 26, Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling announced the release of a limited edition chronograph certified using the Arianee […]

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