Is Ethereum Left and Bitcoin Right?

Hacktivist Bitcoin developer Amir Taaki took aim at Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on Twitter recently for essentially writing off smart contracts inventor Nick Szabo as a right-wing crank. Taaki wrote that this sort of attitude was typical of an “Eth[ereum] culture which is about sparkling burner parties, privileged digital nomads, microdosing LSD, sex orgies and […]

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‘Sex sells’ – sex.crypto sells for 230 ETH

The purchaser currently owns 196 Unstoppable Domains. Earlier today, the domain ‘sex.crypto’ sold for 230 ETH, or approximately $90,000 at press time. The domain extension .crypto is generated by Unstoppable Domains and is censorship-resistant. The transaction, which occurred on OpenSea’s token marketplace, was completed by a user named Maxstealth. Currently, he owns 196 .crypto domains in total. […]

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IPOs Are ‘Really Not Worth It’ Says Tim Draper

Serial blockchain investor Tim Draper welcomes diversity in terms of funding blockchain and crypto startups. Tim Draper, a famous American venture capitalist and serial cryptocurrency investor, believes that initial public offerings, or IPOs, are not the best source of funding for industry firms. The billionaire investor joined the Unitize conference on July 6 to talk […]

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Italian Cryptocurrency Project Plans to Pay Users to Watch Porn

Novel cryptocurrency project PornVisory plans to reward its users with blockchain tokens for watching porn on its platform. Novel cryptocurrency project PornVisory plans to reward its users with tokens for watching porn on its platform. PornVisory founder Veronica Noschese explained to Cointelegraph that there’s a natural synergy between the cryptocurrency and pornography industry, which desperately […]

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