Baseline Protocol unveils Ethereum interoperability, deployment will take time

Blockchain interoperability has been a long-time dream for the Ethereum network, and ConsenSys eyes the latest release to deliver it. Enterprise blockchain applications are slowly but surely making their way to public networks, especially as new upgrades and features are being implemented into the Ethereum ecosystem. While Eth2 promises to bring scalability, security and capacity […]

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Baseline Protocol brightens horizons for Ethereum enterprise adoption

Enterprise Ethereum is gaining traction among organizations seeking data integrity, but the technology hasn’t reached its full potential just yet. As the blockchain space continues to mature, enterprises are starting to realize the technology’s capabilities. A major promise of blockchain is its ability to connect industries that typically operate in silos, bringing about new opportunities […]

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From Sea to Table: Norway’s Seafood Industry Hooks Into IBM Blockchain

Norwegian seafood producers seek to prove high-quality and fully traceable fish products through blockchain despite the technology’s drawbacks. Imagine sitting down at your favorite restaurant and ordering a fresh filet of salmon, only to later discover that the “salmon” dish wasn’t actually salmon. As horrifying as it may sound, this scenario is actually quite common.  […]

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