Crypto Travel Agency Travala to Use Binance Chain for Decentralized Services

The firm plans to become a fully decentralized online travel agency. Cryptocurrency travel agency announced that it started a collaboration with Binance Chain aiming to decentralize its services. intends to roll out decentralized reviews, decentralized accommodation bookings, a decentralized referral system and a decentralized salesforce. The firm’s CEO Juan Otero explained that — […]

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Smart Contract Language DAML Is Now Available on R3’s Corda

R3’s widely-used open source blockchain platform Corda now supports the DAML smart contract language. DAML, a major smart contact language designed for building business-level blockchain applications, has been integrated with R3’s blockchain. Developed by United States’ blockchain startup Digital Asset, DAML, or Digital Asset Modeling Language, is now available on R3 commercial blockchain platform, Corda […]

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When Lambo? Lamborghini Launches Blockchain-Based Collectible Stamps

Lamborghini is launching its first blockchain-based collectible digital stamps to ensure history and uniqueness of each piece. Lamborghini, a famous Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars, continues to utilize the Blockchain in its corporate operations. Among the latest technology developments, the well-known brand is applying blockchain to digitize its collectible stamps. Lamborghini is launching its […]

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Open Blockchains Aren’t Secure Enough for Enterprises, Says Salesforce Exec

Security concerns surrounding public blockchains may be enough to dissuade enterprises from adopting the tech, according to a Salesforce exec. Salesforce’s SVP for emerging technology, Adam Caplan, says that is difficult for enterprises to place trust in public blockchains as they do not offer any access and governance controls. During the online Consensus: Distributed conference, […]

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Leveraging Hyperledger Fabric — Enterprise Blockchain Unleashes Viable Solutions

Billion-dollar industries are using blockchain platforms powered by Hyperledger Fabric to bring trust to traditionally nontransparent markets. Located in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights neighborhood, the Linux Foundation’s office is nestled in a square of red-roofed buildings that resemble homes rather than technology work spaces. Inside the Linux Foundation’s office sits Brian Behlendorf, the executive director […]

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World’s Top Customer Relations Platform Integrates Commercial Blockchain

The world’s number one customer relationship management platform Salesforce has integrated a commercial blockchain to serve better its clients. The world’s most popular customer relationship management platform Salesforce has integrated Lition’s commercial blockchain technology. Lition is one of the few public/private blockchains currently supported by a major cloud provider, Microsoft Azure. According to Lition, integrating […]

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