Bitcoin over $20k: Bulls and more bulls

Much of the crypto market is bullish on Bitcoin, with Guggenheim Partners pricing the asset at $400,000. Bitcoin (BTC) has attracted a lot of proponents this year, with many folks expressing positive market sentiment following the asset’s recent rise to $20,000 and beyond. Not everyone is overly bullish though. Peter Brandt, a long-time traditional market […]

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Stack Funds hails Bitcoin’s ‘healthy correction’ predicts ‘euphoria’ ahead

Bitcoin could surge towards $100,000 next year following yesterday’s “healthy pullback”, with market psychology currently in the “belief” stage says Stack Funds. Crypto index fund provider Stack Funds has labeled yesterday’s pullback as a “healthy correction” that was needed before Bitcoin continues its upward trajectory.  Bitcoin broke through $19,000 earlier this week after posting seven […]

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How One Line of Code Destroyed Yam DeFi

A single mistake cost them everything. The now notorious project, Yam.Finance, was launched without a proper code audit just like many other projects in the space. Richard Ma, the CEO of blockchain security company Quantstamp, told Cointelegrpah that many DeFi projects are launched unaudited in order to capitalize on reverse psychology: “Not having an audit […]

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