Block Size and Scalability, Explained

Debate over increasing block size for blockchain scalability still goes on, but what are the main arguments from proponents and detractors? The debate is not settled. Despite much of the great work being done, there is no one clear solution for blockchain scaling, and it’s possible there never will be. All of the possibilities explored […]

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Here Are Four Ethereum Scaling Pitches Submitted to Reddit’s Competition

Entries to the Reddit Scaling Bake-Off are coming in from several layer-two builders. A number of projects introduced potential scaling solutions prior to Reddit’s July 31 deadline. Most contest participants are existing developers of Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum. The majority of entrants seem to have tweaked their existing technologies to accommodate Reddit’s demands. The […]

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Review: Pavillion Hub and 22nd Century Racing Series

Pavillion Hub brings blockchain technology to the Steam gaming platform, and 22nd Century Racing Series is a worthy showcase of the possibilities this enables. As blockchain technology continues apace in its quest to infiltrate and improve the gaming sector, multiple platforms have been springing up to vy for your attention. Earlier this month Cointelegraph reported […]

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