Why Does Binance’s Android App Need to Use Your Microphone?

Users accuse Binance’s Android app of being spyware for the Chinese government. Twitter users have raised concerns about the possibility of Binance’s Android app containing spyware. This speculation comes after recent revelations suggest that the social video platform, TikTok, contains spyware created by the Chinese government. According to the Twitter user @ShitcoinSherpa, who posted a […]

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Interoperable Blockchains May Be the Future of Finance but Have a Ways Yet to Go

As interoperable blockchain solutions gain traction, many believe that the technology is still relatively nascent and needs more polishing. Cross-chain interoperability is a domain that has piqued the interest of many financial institutions over the years, as it stands to produce a technology that can potentially mitigate a whole host of their recurring operational issues […]

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European Crypto Cards Reactivate as FCA Allows Wirecard to Resume Operation

Crypto.com and TenX’s crypto debit cards are usable again as U.K. regulators allow Wirecard to resume “regulated activity.” Wirecard-issued crypto debit cards from companies like Crypto.com and TenX have been reactivated following permission from the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA. On 29 June, the U.K. watchdog allowed Wirecard Card Solutions, a Newcastle-based subsidiary […]

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Safe and Sound: Blockchain-Backed Digital Identity in the Post-Coronavirus Era

Blockchain companies are developing digital identity solutions to ensure regions can safely reopen following COVID-19 lockdowns. After spending months in lockdown, countries across the world have begun lifting stay-at-home orders enforced due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet as countries look to reopen, and students and employees return to schools and offices, there is a fear […]

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Belarus Banks Announce Upcoming Token Pilot Program

Belarus Central Bank authorizes several banks in the country to begin issuing tokenized offerings. On June 10, 12 Belarus’ commercial and state-owned banks received permission from the national central bank to issue digital tokens. They will distribute these digital offerings through an upcoming pilot program. According to Sputnik Belarus, the country has adopted Decree No. […]

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