Did Bitcoin prove itself to be a reliable store of value in 2020? Experts answer

Experts in blockchain technology and crypto take on the question of Bitcoin’s path throughout the year 2020. Without any doubt, the year 2020 was unlike any other year in the 21st century: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, global governments unstoppably printing money, “lockdowns” and “social distancing” becoming the new normal, protests against racial discrimination and police […]

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Bitcoin adoption in Nigeria soars as central bank blocks remittances in Naira

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s “Naira defense” policy is pushing more Nigerians towards Bitcoin and crypto adoption. Peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin (BTC) volume in Nigeria continues to rise as Africa’s largest economy remains a bastion for crypto adoption. According to Quartz Africa, data from the Bitcoin P2P marketplace Paxful show the country ranks second only to […]

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Following Binance Uganda closure, Binance P2P makes strong inroads in Africa

The cryptocurrency exchange has given up on Binance Uganda, but the regional play remains strong Following the announcement of a disappointing closure of a Ugandan subsidiary in October, Binance — the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange — released a blog post yesterday indicating that another initiative, Binance P2P, is making strong inroads across the world’s second-most […]

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Can blockchain make a difference? Africa sees vast monetary potential

As access to crypto spreads across Africa, blockchain could be crucial in improving cross-border payments and settlement systems. As technological innovations continue to spread across Africa, the continent could provide some unique use cases for blockchain technology. African has been continually driving innovation in a number of spaces, with mobile payments a prime example of […]

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