Sophisticated Mining Botnet Identified After 2 Years

Cointelegraph spoke to Guardicore’s Ophir Harpaz regarding the recently identified crypto mining botnet Vollgar. Cybersecurity firm, Guardicore Labs, revealed the identification of a malicious crypto-mining botnet that has been operating for nearly two years on April 1. The threat actor, dubbed ‘Vollgar’ based on its mining of the little-known altcoin, Vollar (VSD), targets Windows machines […]

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Voatz Bug Bounty Kicked Off of HackerOne Platform

HackerOne has removed blockchain-based voting platform Voatz’s bug bounty program following a number of issues. For the first time in its history, bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform HackerOne has kicked a company off its platform. Blockchain-based voting platform Voatz has long touted its bug bounty program through HackerOne when asked about the security of its […]

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