Ledger CTO discusses wallet’s safety after multiple security setbacks

What’s behind Ledger’s tough stint recently? Charles Guillemet, the company’s CTO, responds to all the questions and criticism. Ledger, one of the crypto industry’s most popular hardware wallet providers, has faced multiple difficulties in recent weeks, including a breach in the company’s customer contact database and a wallet vulnerability putting users’ Bitcoin (BTC) at risk. […]

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Oobit’s ‘SkyScanner for Bitcoin Trading’ Fails to Meet Expectations

Oobit’s Hunter fails to deliver on ‘skyscanner’ promises and appears to comprise a collection of affiliate links. Peer-to-peer, or P2P, trading platform, Oobit, has launched its purportedly SkyScanner-styled Bitcoin (BTC) price aggregator, Oobit Hunter. Oobit has also launched ‘Pass’ — “a single KYC passport for use on multiple trading platforms” that allows traders to access […]

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Voatz Bug Bounty Kicked Off of HackerOne Platform

HackerOne has removed blockchain-based voting platform Voatz’s bug bounty program following a number of issues. For the first time in its history, bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform HackerOne has kicked a company off its platform. Blockchain-based voting platform Voatz has long touted its bug bounty program through HackerOne when asked about the security of its […]

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