Blockchain Phones and Bitcoin Watches: Revisiting the Crypto Tech Hype

Blockchain smartphones and crypto-storing watches: Which innovative devices have actually gone from concept to reality? Talk of cryptocurrency and blockchain-powered gadgets inevitably spiked alongside the hype for token prices. But looking back, have they delivered any meaningful changes to users, or are they just another result of the hype synonymous with the space?  The surge […]

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Blockchain-Powered 5G Phone Manufactured by Samsung Launches

SK Telecom released the world’s first 5G phone with a blockchain-powered ID authentication service incorporated. Samsung and SK Telecom, a South Korean mobile carrier, unveiled the world’s first 5G smartphone equipped with blockchain-powered ID authentication. The phone, called “Galaxy A Quantum”, has a quantum random number generation chipset developed in partnership with Samsung Electronics. The […]

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Why Ethereum Should Go Mobile

Due to significantly increasing numbers of mobile users worldwide, Ethereum should focus on mobile applications to adjust to reality. We live in an increasingly mobile world where I can order a vehicle driven by a complete stranger to take me anywhere, I can get food delivered in minutes, and I can conduct almost all my […]

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