Former US Treasury Head Calls Payment ‘Friction’ the Best Argument for Crypto

Clinton-era Treasury Secretary Summers doesn’t buy some of the crypto community’s anarchic sentiments but agrees that they are solving a major problem. In a June 25 interview with Circle’s Jeremy Allaire, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers talked about crypto’s ability to patch up the modern financial system, particularly calling out the great difficulty in […]

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Law Decoded: Dead Men Face No Charges, June 6-12

Blockchain for distributing votes and independent digital dollars take center stage in the this week’s regulation news. Editor’s note:  These are times strange enough that every conversation seems to include some verbal acknowledgment like “strange times, huh?” A quasi-anarchist police-free leftist separatist bubble has formed and is growing on Seattle’s Capitol Hill — a sentence […]

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Cointelegraph Joins World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence Network

Cointelegraph has partnered with the WEF to integrate our crypto industry news and analysis feed to its Strategic Intelligence network. We are excited to announce that Cointelegraph has joined the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence contributor network as a content partner, supplying the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency industry news, market analysis and op-eds into its […]

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