The butterfly effect: Why DeFi will force BTC to break its 21M supply ceiling

As DeFi continues to grow and flourish, BTC will eventually be forced to break its 21-million supply limit to remain sustainable and relevant. 2020 was unequivocally the year of decentralized finance. Driven by surging interest and striking breakthroughs, DeFi protocols accelerated financial innovation while reshaping the blockchain landscape. Buoyed by innovations in cross-chain asset gateways […]

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Cointelegraph Consulting: New stimulus checks may push Bitcoin price toward $12K

Will USA’s second round of proposed stimulus checks impact the global crypto market? The latest research by Cointelegraph Consulting suggests that financial stimulus packages bolster the stock market and cryptocurrencies. The first round of checks worth $1,200 were deposited directly into bank accounts on April 11. A week later, the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, […]

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Bloomberg: Biden election would be good for Bitcoin, bad for DeFi

Biden’s administration may not have the same “hands-off” approach to crypto regulation, contends Bloomberg. The latest Bloomberg crypto newsletter contends that the election of Joe Biden would bring greater mainstream adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), including a potential ETF approval. Further, it referred to the Trump administration’s policies with regard to crypto as “hands-off”: “A potential […]

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