Decentralized File Sharing, Explained

What is decentralized file sharing, how does it work, and what are the main benefits of a peer-to-peer sharing model? Are there decentralized file sharing use cases already in operation? Two examples where IPFS has been used are with Wikipedia and the Android version of the Opera browser. The Turkish government previously attempted to ban […]

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Filecoin Mainnet Launch “Is on Track”

Filecoin’s mainnet is on pace, with its testnet competition possibly commencing in July. After releasing details of its testnet competition several days ago, Filecoin business development staff Angie Maguire said the project’s mainnet is on pace for this summer. “The Filecoin mainnet is on track for our launch window July 20 to Aug. 20,” Maguire […]

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Filecoin Enters Final Frontier Prior to Mainnet

Filecoin revs up test net, hosting a competition prior to its mainnet unveiling. Blockchain-based decentralized data storage solution Filecoin unveiled its testnet recently, complete with a competition.  In an act of network experimentation, Filecoin’s test network will host a three week mining contest worldwide, with 4 million of the project’s FIL tokens up for grabs […]

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