Economic justice doesn’t need the blockchain, say advisors to ‘The Squad’

Making digital cash work efficiently for public stimulus payments doesn’t require a detour through blockchain technology, in the view of U.S. progressives. American progressives, particularly the high-profile group of Congresswomen known as “the Squad,” have been highly vocal on questions of economic equity, the corrosive social impact of Big Tech and the need to reimagine […]

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Tencent joins forces with ShareRing to launch blockchain digital ID platform

Digital identification is the future. What role will blockchain play? Chinese conglomerate Tencent Holdings is joining forces with blockchain company ShareRing to launch a new digital identification system to streamline international travel amid the pandemic.  As the South China Morning Post reported Tuesday, ShareRing will combine its distributed ledger technology with Tencent’s cloud services to […]

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Safe and Sound: Blockchain-Backed Digital Identity in the Post-Coronavirus Era

Blockchain companies are developing digital identity solutions to ensure regions can safely reopen following COVID-19 lockdowns. After spending months in lockdown, countries across the world have begun lifting stay-at-home orders enforced due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet as countries look to reopen, and students and employees return to schools and offices, there is a fear […]

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New Blockchain Marketplace Aims to Tackle Morality Issues of Deepfake Media

Cointelegraph interviewed Arif Khan, CEO of blockchain marketplace Alethea AI, about how to address the legal and moral quagmire that “deepfakes” have created. A blockchain-based marketplace is  today launching for creators of “synthetic media,” a term used to describe video, image or voice material generated through artificial intelligence algorithms. On May 15, Cointelegraph interviewed Arif […]

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