33 money laundering crypto crims targeted worldwide in 3 separate cases

Law enforcement representing 16 different countries cooperated to arrest 20 members of a global crypto-powered money laundering cartel in just one of the cases. Law enforcement officials from around the world hav taken action against a major transnational money laundering operation involving cryptocurrency. On Oct. 15, Europol announced a successful operation across 16 countries that […]

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Litecoin relaunches MimbleWimble testnet as Europol targets privacy protocols

Litecoin’s privacy feature testnet returns as news emerges that Europol sees privacy and coin mixing technologies as major digital threats Litecoin (LTC) has relaunched its MimbleWimble testnet — a protocol designed to enhance privacy and obfuscate the traceability of distributed ledger transactions. MimbleWimble is a modified implementation of the proof-of-work algorithm underpinning Bitcoin (BTC) in […]

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Europol Busts $17M Illegal Media Streaming Business Dealing in Cryptos

European police successfully busted a multi-million illegal online streaming business operating from Spain. In a recent investigation, European police busted a major illegal online streaming business that had reportedly been running for the past five years. Bloomberg reported that the police conducted 15 house searches, arresting 11 people and successfully taking down 50 servers across […]

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Spanish Multinational Launches Free Tool to Decrypt Files Affected by VCryptor Ransomware

Telefonica announced a new tool created by its cybersecurity division to decrypt affected files by VCryptor. On June 3, Spain-based telecommunications conglomerate, Telefónica, released a free tool to recover data encrypted by the VCryptor ransomware. The tool, VCrypt Decryptor, was created as part of an international initiative titled “No More Ransomware”. This alliance was established […]

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