Waves Enterprise and Conflux partner to promote hybrid blockchain adoption

Waves Enterprise and Conflux Network are working together to enable companies in Asia to adopt hybrid blockchain data storage protocols. Corporate blockchain solutions provider Waves Enterprises has partnered with Chinese decentralized ledger technology (DLT) startup Conflux Network to boost hybrid data transactions in permissioned networks. The collaboration, announced on Thursday, will see Waves Enterprise using […]

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Deloitte: Financial institutions to boost future blockchain spending

A representative from the company expects 2021 to be “a breakout year for blockchain.” Many financial institutions are poised to increase their blockchain spending in 2021, according to an upcoming survey from Deloitte titled Financial Services Industry Outlooks 2020. Preliminary results shared with Cointelegraph indicate that 27% of the institutions surveyed expect a “slight increase in […]

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Crypto cross-border payments, explained

What are the main advantages that crypto can offer when making cross-border payments, and what are the main challenges for consumers? How can you easily, securely store and exchange cryptocurrencies? By using a platform that has a carefully cultivated reputation for keeping digital assets safe. Crypto platforms are emerging that aim to make cross-border payments […]

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Deloitte includes BitPay on top 500 tech companies list

BitPay beat Pinterest by several ranks on Deloitte’s prestigious list. As cryptocurrencies continue gaining mainstream attention, some of the industry’s native companies have also joined the spotlight. Bitcoin payment processing company BitPay joined the ranks of 499 other important technology companies today. Big Four accounting firm Deloitte sees BitPay as one of North America’s top […]

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