Centralized data management hampered the global response to COVID-19

Blockchain-supported decentralization has a chance to improve the difficulties for pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chains. The COVID-19 outbreak, just like any other black swan event before it, revealed systemic weaknesses in a wide variety of industries and processes. With the information age now in full swing, this particular event emphasized the critical importance of […]

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The need for a dialogue between crypto businesses and regulators

Regulators and service providers are collaborating as never before to address systemic vulnerabilities of the crypto industry. This year has been a strong one for digital asset markets, highlighted by growing institutional inflows and a propitious shift in the regulatory environment. Witness the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission’s September letter that says crypto exchanges that comply […]

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Colombian Technology Ministry Endorses Blockchain and Crypto

Colombian public entities have identified ten areas that would benefit from blockchain solutions. The Colombian Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, or MinTIC, released a first-of-its-kind draft of a guide that calls for the public sector to adopt blockchain technology, including crypto payment-related matters. In the Guide for the use and implementation of Distributed Ledger […]

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