Telecoms protocol from 1975 exploited to target 20 crypto executives

At least 20 crypto executives and customers of an Israeli telecommunications company were targeted in a sophisticated SS7 attack last month. Hackers compromised the Telegram messenger and email accounts of multiple cryptocurrency executives last month by exploiting a vulnerability in a decades old protocol.  The fraudsters are believed to have been trying to intercept two-factor […]

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FSB releases recommendations to regulate ‘global stablecoins’ such as Libra

The Financial Stability Board has warned that global stablecoins could pose systemic risks to the monetary systems of nation-states. The G20’s financial watchdog, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), has published regulatory recommendations opposing the trans-national ambitions of “global stablecoins,” such as Facebook’s Libra project. The FSB’s report offers regulatory recommendations to G20 member states and […]

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Data encryption a threat to fighting child sexual abuse, says DOJ

The department, along with other international agencies, alleged end-to-end encryption can create “severe risks to public safety.” The U.S. Department of Justice has released an international statement claiming that end-to-end encryption “poses significant challenges to public safety,” including sexually exploited children.  In an Oct. 11 statement from the DoJ, the agency called on technology companies […]

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