Australian senator says blockchain can make financial compliance easier

“The future is technology by blockchain,” says an Australian Liberal senator. Australian Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg thinks that blockchain technology can solve a number of major regulatory issues in his home country. According to Bragg, blockchain technology could become a useful tool in reducing complications associated with financial regulatory compliance and transparency. “The future is […]

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Kyrgyzstan’s central bank suspends SWIFT to prevent capital outflow

The bank is shutting down the SWIFT network as protests rocked the country. The central bank of Kyrgyzstan has disabled cross-border transactions on the SWIFT financial network amid widespread unrest over the country’s disputed parliamentary elections. Aida Karabaeva, an official representative of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, announced a temporary suspension of SWIFT […]

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Seychelles-Based Bitcoin Transfers Continue to Gain Dominance, Analysts Find

Crystal Blockchain reports that crypto transfers in the Republic of Seychelles keep growing as regulatory pressure increases for the G-20. A new report released on Tuesday by Crystal Blockchain attempts to categorize cross-border transactions of Bitcoin (BTC) based on their “country of origin,” which may have important implications for the Financial Action Task Force’s Travel […]

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