AMD and ConsenSys’ Blockchain Data Center Venture Gets $20M of Seed Funding

AMD and ConsenSys’ W3bcloud joint venture obtained $20 million through the sale of convertible notes. The joint blockchain cloud computing venture of computing giant AMD and Ethereum-focused development firm ConsenSys has received $20.5 million in funding. According to a June 25 announcement, AMD and ConsenSys’ W3bcloud joint venture obtained the funds through the sale of […]

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Six Crypto Heavyweights Join ETH 2.0 Staking Trial

ConsenSys has announced that six top crypto firms will receive early access to its ETH 2.0 staking platform. Six high-profile crypto firms will participate in an ETH 2.0 staking pilot project using the ConsenSys Codefi platform. On June 17, ConsenSys tweeted that cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and, digital asset custody providers Trustology, Matrixport, and Huobi […]

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Exclusive: Gitcoin and Polkadot Cooperate to Bring New Developers to Blockchain

Polkadot will now have representation on Gitcoin, a developer-focused platform that uses a mix of crowdfunding and foundation grants to grow Web3 and blockchain. A partnership announced on June 16 between the Gitcoin project and Polkadot will help the interoperable blockchain platform’s developers find community support and funding. Gitcoin’s current function can be considered as […]

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Baseline Co-Founder Says Crypto Is ‘Pre-CompuServe’ an Still in Its Early Days

The co-founder of the Baseline Protocol believes that crypto is still 15–20 years away from finding significant mainstream adoption. ConsenSys developer and Baseline Protocol co-founder, John Wolpert, has predicted that we may still be decades away from seeing wholesale mainstream adoption of crypto assets and distributed ledger technologies. “My personal point of view is that […]

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