More Than 10,000 New Blockchain Companies Established in China in 2020

LongHash said China’s blockchain companies have increased substantially and recorded an all-time high in 2020 despite Covid-19. Blockchain and crypto data platform LongHash revealed on August 8 in a tweet that China’s blockchain sector has grown substantially despite the pandemic this year. It stated that over 10,000 blockchain companies were established between January and July.  […]

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Huawei Files for a Storage-Related Blockchain Patent

Huawei strengthens its blockchain adoption campaign by applying for new storage-based Blockchain patents. Chinese tech giant Huawei recently applied for a new patent related to blockchain technology which deals with storage methods and devices. Huawei holds a number of other relevant patents, covering topics like Blockchain-based settlement methods. According to the Chinese corporate database, Tianyancha, […]

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Chinese Police Investigate ‘Exit Scam’ by Iranian Crypto Exchange

Reports indicate the Iranian-based crypto exchange ‘Bitisis’ is actually a Ponzi scheme that has attempted an exit scam. Bitisis, an Iran-based cryptocurrency exchange platform targeting Chinese investors with investment opportunities, has reportedly pulled an exit scam. Chinese police are currently investigating the exchange’s disappearance, with the platform appearing to have transferred users’ assets to three […]

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