US AML watchdog wants info on all international crypto transactions over $250

The proposed change would cut down FinCEN’s longstanding $3,000 threshold. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and Federal Reserve are looking to get more information on smaller transactions than ever before.  According to a notice of proposed rulemaking published on Friday, the agencies want to lower the $3,000 threshold established in 1995 to $250 for international transactions, […]

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Telecoms protocol from 1975 exploited to target 20 crypto executives

At least 20 crypto executives and customers of an Israeli telecommunications company were targeted in a sophisticated SS7 attack last month. Hackers compromised the Telegram messenger and email accounts of multiple cryptocurrency executives last month by exploiting a vulnerability in a decades old protocol.  The fraudsters are believed to have been trying to intercept two-factor […]

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