Blockstack (STX) rallies 85% as fundamentals improve ahead of mainnet launch

In the past month, Blockstack (STX) token quietly rallied 85% as network fundamentals improved and a key mainnet launch approaches. Blockstack (STX) might not be on every investor’s radar, but the 72nd-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been doing some serious work behind the scenes. Blockstack (STX) 1-month chart. Source: The company behind the […]

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Synthetic assets get real: competition for scalability, new markets heats up

Two new synthetic asset and derivatives platforms look to take a slice of Synthetix’s pie Synthetic assets, one of the most promising use cases for decentralized finance (DeFi), is becoming an increasingly competitive landscape as two new projects aim to bring scalability and new markets to traders. On Friday, decentralized derivatives exchange Injective Protocol began […]

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Eth2 dev talks about challenges and lessons learned ahead of mainnet launch

Despite some “unanticipated consequences,” the testnets were instrumental in stress-testing Eth2. After years of delays and changes in plans, Ethereum 2.0 is finally approaching release on Dec. 1. Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 is introducing the long-awaited mechanism of staking to the smart contract platform, in addition to launching the skeleton of a future Eth2 blockchain, […]

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DeFi is coming to Qtum on Friday

Qtum is “one step closer” to realizing its DeFi ambitions. Long-standing smart-contract platform Qtum will be home to a new decentralized exchange on Friday after QiSwap, an independent liquidity protocol, completed its testnet phase.  Qtum indicated in a recent press release that the integration of QiSwap has moved the platform “one step closer to realizing […]

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