COVID-19 Could Accelerate Crypto Adoption

Coinbase’s former CTO believes over powered governments could lead to accelerated crypto adoption post COVID-19. During a Unitize panel on Monday, Balaji S. Srinivasan commented that COVID-19 has changed everything — and it could ultimately end up accelerating Blockchain adoption.  Srinivasan is known for numerous roles in the crypto space. He’s an angel investor, an […]

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Could a Cardano & Litecoin Team Up Be in the Works?

Cardano’s founder wants to posse up with Litecoin’s founder. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently said that he would not mind working with Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee, to test cross chain communication. “It would be great to do something together,” Hoskinson said in a July 7 tweet to Lee.  Both men founded industry giants Hoskinson founded Cardano […]

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