Switzerland Won’t Amend Tax Law in Regard to Blockchain in Near Future

Switzerland does not need to amend its current tax legislation to cover blockchain-based arrangements, the Federal Council believes. Switzerland’s existing tax law is applicable to developments in the blockchain industry, the Swiss Federal Council said. According to the federal authority, Switzerland does not need to amend its existing tax legislation in regard to blockchain and […]

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Austrian Gov’t Pilot Aims to Secure COVID-19 Communications With Blockchain Tech

A-Trust’s QualiSig project has received 60,000 euros of Austrian government funding to provide secure crisis communications between authorities and citizens. The Austrian government has backed a new blockchain-based research project, aiming to provide secure communication channels between authorities, institutions and citizens in times of crisis. As announced June 18, the QualiSig project, launched by Austrian […]

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Ontology and Bitcoin Suisse Partner to Strengthen European Ecosystems

Blockchain platform Ontology has partnered with Swiss service provider Bitcoin Suisse as part of their European growth strategy. Blockchain platform Ontology and Swiss crypto-financial service provider Bitcoin Suisse have partnered together in an effort to grow their respective ecosystems in Europe and Asia. The partnership sees Bitcoin Suisse list the Ontology (ONT) token and the […]

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Belarus Banks Announce Upcoming Token Pilot Program

Belarus Central Bank authorizes several banks in the country to begin issuing tokenized offerings. On June 10, 12 Belarus’ commercial and state-owned banks received permission from the national central bank to issue digital tokens. They will distribute these digital offerings through an upcoming pilot program. According to Sputnik Belarus, the country has adopted Decree No. […]

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