Hacker stole 336 BTC from Crypto exchange Cashaa

Cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa said hackers took 336 bitcoin from one of its wallets. The company has stopped all crypto-related transactions. U.K. based cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa reported hackers took more than 336 Bitcoin. The company has stopped all the crypto-related transactions, however, prima facia users are not affected by this hack.  In a media brief shared […]

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Brave Browser Fork Makes a ‘Bold’ Move Citing Legal Pressure

“Braver”, designed as an adware-free fork of the Brave Browser, has allegedly been forced to rebrand due to legal threats. Blockchain browser formerly known as ‘Braver’, which originally forked from the open-source Brave browser, rebranded itself to ‘Bold Browser’ earlier today citing legal threats from a ‘certain party.’ Anti-adware fork Braver Browser launched in June […]

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COVID-19 Could Accelerate Crypto Adoption

Coinbase’s former CTO believes over powered governments could lead to accelerated crypto adoption post COVID-19. During a Unitize panel on Monday, Balaji S. Srinivasan commented that COVID-19 has changed everything — and it could ultimately end up accelerating Blockchain adoption.  Srinivasan is known for numerous roles in the crypto space. He’s an angel investor, an […]

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SEC Votes on Expedited Review Process — Shorter Wait Times for EFTs?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission voted on amendments to rules governing the processing time for companies applying for listings. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced it would be streamlining the application process for investment companies, potentially resulting in expedited crypto and blockchain firms operating in a “more efficient and less costly […]

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Gibraltar Watchdog Grants License to Belarusian Crypto Platform

Currency.com obtained a distributed ledger technology license from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, or GFSC, issued a new distributed ledger technology license to the Belarus-based cryptocurrency platform, Currency.com, on July 6. According to the announcement, the platform will be allowed to use DLT to store or transmit value belonging to […]

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