US Government labels Virgil Griffith’s argument to dismiss sanctions charges ‘absurd’

Government lawyers implied that citizens could legally pass along nuclear secrets to North Korea if held to the same standards as Griffith. Lawyers representing the United States government have filed a legal memo opposing the dismissal of charges for Virgil Griffith, a former Ethereum Foundation researcher accused of conspiring to violate U.S. sanctions against the […]

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The long arm of justice: How far can the DoJ really go in prosecuting foreign actors?

DoJ is now determined to hold the crypto industry to cross-border enforcement standards that have long applied to other sectors of finance. In early October, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed its Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework, a report laying bare the government’s vision for emerging threats and enforcement strategies in the cryptocurrency space. The document is […]

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Crypto firms still not widely adopting ‘travel rule,’ says FATF deputy

David Lewis, executive secretary and G20 deputy at the Financial Action Task Force, says crypto firms still have a long way to go before they’re compliant. In 2019, the Financial Action Task Force asked jurisdictions worldwide to adopt its regulatory guidelines for virtual assets. At the V20 conference today, held online, David Lewis—executive secretary and G20 deputy […]

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China’s BSN predicted as long-term global project, still ahead of others

The impact of China’s Blockchain Service Network may be limited, but the region’s national blockchain infrastructure continues to outpace other regions. First announced in October 2019, China’s Blockchain Service Network, also known as BSN, is aimed at providing a global public infrastructure designed to support both private and public blockchain networks across interconnected cities.  According […]

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