Did a class-action suit play a role in Maker’s refusal to compensate March crash victims?

The community had originally voted in favor of compensation, but the final tally showed a different outcome. After multiple rounds of voting and heated discussion, the final vote to compensate losses for Maker (MKR) users that were liquidated “unfairly” during the March crash failed. About 52,500 MKR voted against any compensation, which accounted for 65% […]

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Glassnode: Uniswap team may have misled community over team token vesting

Binance may currently be the only one capable of making Uniswap governance proposals, which does not bode well for its decentralized competitor. A recent post from Glassnode has called Uniswap’s decentralization into question, while insinuating that the platform’s developers might have intentionally misled the community about how the team’s allocation of UNI tokens will vest over time. […]

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