BRD’s enterprise banking blockchain boosted by new compliance strategy

Crypto wallet provider BRD partners with Ciphertrace, Chainalysis and others to boost its banking enterprise solution. In July this year, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency granted permission for federally chartered banks to provide custody services for cryptocurrency. While significant, the need for enterprise-grade infrastructure to securely deploy custody solutions has become crucial.  […]

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China’s blockchain partner Cypherium gets its own Twitter emoji

Cypherium is the fourth crypto emoji on Twitter. Cypherium, a blockchain company involved in China’s Blockchain Service Network initiative, has just launched its own branded Twitter emoji. The New York-based blockchain firm announced the news in a Sept. 15 tweet, adding that the new emoji comes in anticipation of Cypherium’s upcoming public token sale on Sept. 16. With the […]

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Binance sued for allegedly facilitating money laundering with ‘lax KYC’

Binance’s lax KYC requirements are creating more legal problems for the exchange. Binance’s famously light Know Your Customer requirements are being targeted by the current owners of Zaif, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that got hacked in 2018. Plaintiffs are claiming that its weak KYC requirements and high daily withdrawal limit facilitated the laundering of $60 […]

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