Stefan Molyneux Gets $100K in Crypto Donations After YouTube Ban

White supremacist Stefan Molyneux received roughly $100,000 in donations following the removal of his YouTube channel. Online supporters have donated nearly $100,000 in cryptocurrency to white supremacist and alt-right activist Stefan Molyneux following his removal from YouTube for “fomenting violence and hatred.” After Molyneux posted a video to his Twitter account on June 29 stating […]

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Incognito Blockchain Launches DeFi Privacy for Kyber

The Incognito privacy project released pKyber, which enables users to hide their activity from the public Ethereum ledger within the Kyber Network. Privacy blockchain Incognito has released Kyber Privacy (pKyber), a privacy feature for decentralized finance within the Kyber Network for users from both parties to trade anonymously. First announced on April 24, Incognito’s open-source […]

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