Bitcoin developer who lost Bitmain funding wins Coinbase’s first-ever developer grant

The Coinbase Crypto Community Fund was awarded to João Barbosa and another pseudonymous developer. Digital currency exchange Coinbase has awarded its first-ever Bitcoin Core developer grants, and a familiar name is among the recipients. João Barbosa and 0xB10C, the alias of a pseudonymous developer, were selected winners earlier this week. Although the funding amounts weren’t […]

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Notorious crypto figures arrested in 2020

Despite the crypto industry experiencing a major rise in mainstream interest in 2020, the year also saw many prominent crypto personnel apprehended by regulators. Over the past year, many prominent and colorful crypto personalities have been apprehended and arrested. From the jailing of antivirus pioneer John McAfee to the laying of charges against executives from […]

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Traditional banks offer digital asset custody amid compliance legislation

Compliance and regulations become more important than ever before for banks and traditional institutions that offer support for digital assets. More and more traditional banks have started announcing support for digital assets as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to make headlines for record-breaking all-time highs. Even major banks like JPMorgan Chase, which previously frowned […]

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