DeFi community raises centralization concerns over Compound Chain

Ethereum proponents and DeFi enthusiasts alike have panned plans by Compound Finance to launch its own blockchain in 2021. DeFi lending protocol Compound published a white paper on Thursday introducing Compound Chain, a new blockchain aimed at providing cross-chain value transfer capability. Reactions to the news have been overwhelmingly negative with many respondents on social […]

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Finance Redefined: The curious implications of algorithmic stablecoins, Dec. 2–9

Some stablecoins are more useful than others. This is the latest issue of Finance Redefined, Cointelegraph’s DeFi-centric newsletter delivered to subscribers every Wednesday. A relatively quiet week in DeFi finally has given me some breathing room to talk about a subject I’ve been postponing since almost the beginning of this newsletter, namely: What’s up with […]

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Algorithmic stablecoin project Neutrino launches staking for its governance token

The Waves-backed project will share a portion of protocol fees with NSBT holders. The Neutrino Protocol, a project building algorithmic cross-platform stablecoins, announced Tuesday the launch of staking rewards for its governance and utility token, NSBT. Neutrino uses an innovative mix of collateral backing and algorithmic supply changes to create a wide range of fiat-pegged […]

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