Bitcoin adoption in Nigeria soars as central bank blocks remittances in Naira

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s “Naira defense” policy is pushing more Nigerians towards Bitcoin and crypto adoption. Peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin (BTC) volume in Nigeria continues to rise as Africa’s largest economy remains a bastion for crypto adoption. According to Quartz Africa, data from the Bitcoin P2P marketplace Paxful show the country ranks second only to […]

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Morpher Labs attempts to crack knotty prediction market problems

The new prediction marketplace solves longstanding liquidity issue, but does it create new problems? On August 31, 2020, Morpher Labs announced the launch of its flagship Ethereum-based contract trading and prediction market platform, Morpher, with the stated goal of providing users unlimited access to long-and-short trades of real-world stocks, commodities, and FOREX markets.  The technical […]

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Latvian regulators warn public about cryptocurrency fraud

Crypto remains under-regulated, so Latvian investors need to be extra vigilant, says the FCMC. Latvia’s Financial and Capital Market Commission has identified suspect transactions and attempted fraud in the domestic cryptocurrency space. In an official warning published on Oct. 19, the FCMC urged investors to “be particularly vigilant, as cryptocurrencies operate in an infrastructure that is currently […]

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