Digital Assets Data CEO says mainstream finance still doesn’t trust Bitcoin

Bitcoin still has ground to make up in the mainstream world. Following the news of Fidelity Investments’ Bitcoin (BTC) fund filing, Mike Alfred, CEO of analytics outfit Digital Assets Data, described continued hesitancy in mainstream finance when it comes to Bitcoin.  “Many in the traditional financial services/asset management/wealth management verticals remain deeply skeptical of Bitcoin […]

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‘It’s about to get very interesting,’ says Bitcoin stock-to-flow model creator

As if 2020 didn’t already have folks on the edge of their seats. PlanB, the man behind the widely-referenced stock-to-flow Bitcoin (BTC) value charts, described exciting times ahead for the asset.   “We’re four months after the halving, and it’s about to get very interesting,” anonymous Twitter analyst PlanB said in a Sept. 4 podcast interview with Peter McCormack.  […]

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Fidelity Calls Bitcoin an ‘Aspirational’ Store of Value and an ‘Insurance Policy’

Bitcoin is an aspirational store of value according to Fidelity Digital Assets. Fidelity Digital Assets, subsidiary of multi-trillion dollar investment firm Fidelity Investments, views Bitcoin (BTC) as an “aspirational store of value” and an “insurance policy” against a troubled financial system according to a new report. Fidelity holds over $8 trillion in assets and its […]

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How Digital Asset Exchanges Can Meet Institutional Investors’ Need for Speed

Blockchain-based solutions designed to create a global instant settlement network have been attracting institutional traders. With low barriers for entering, competition for digital asset exchanges is intense, with an estimated more than 10,000 exchanges now operating worldwide. This competition reduces margins for all of them and also lowers deposit and withdrawal thresholds. Add in a […]

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