Chinese Police Dismantle $14M Crypto Scam

The Chinese police busted a massive crypto scam in Wenzhou that managed to amass over $14.31 million. The Chinese authorities dismantled a significant crypto-related scam in Wenzhou. The scheme amassed over 100 million yuan ($14.31 million), which was seized along with a number of luxury cars and villas. According to Toutiao, the gang has been […]

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Unstoppable Domains Launches Decentralized Chat Protocol

Unstoppable Domains’ new chat protocol enables users to store data on their own servers through crypto wallets and P2P network integration. Unstoppable Domains, a Tim Draper-backed startup focused on blockchain-based uncensorable websites, has launched a decentralized chat protocol. The so-called “Unstoppable Chat”, or simply “dChat” aims to promote confidentiality through a peer-to-peer network and end-to-end […]

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