Quantstamp will audit the entire blockchain of a new DeFi project on Polkadot

Quantstamp’s audit is crucial to ensure a smoothly operating blockchain. One of the first audits of a decentralized finance project connected with the Polkadot (DOT) blockchain is set to be carried out by blockchain security firm Quantstamp.  The project, Equilibrium, had first announced its plans to develop an interoperable protocol on Polkadot in summer of this year. […]

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Chainlink brings Verifiable Randomness to Ethereum mainnet, keeps other chains in sight

Sergey Nazarov: there is a demand for Chainlink VRF from other chains like Matic. Chainlink’s verifiable randomness function, or VRF, has made its way to the Ethereum (ETH) main net. VRF will provide a decentralized source of randomness for the project’s decentralized ecosystem.  A trusted source of randomness is essential for many applications, such as those […]

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DLT security standards may turn legacy industries into blockchain innovators

Member-led working groups are helping define security standards for tokenized use cases. Tokenization has given rise to the “Internet of Value,” an era in which financial assets — or any assets with underlying value — can be easily transferred peer-to-peer over the internet. While revolutionary, tokenization has largely remained a concept embedded strictly within the […]

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