‘BitcoinTuesday’ to become one of the largest-ever crypto donation events

BitcoinTuesday is aligning crypto awareness with public good in this one-day charity event. BitcoinTuesday, scheduled for Dec. 1, aims to become one of the largest cryptocurrency fundraisers in history.  The Giving Block, a crypto donations company, has secured partnerships with over 120 nonprofits and 30 blockchain companies to spearhead BitcoinTuesday — a one-day event that […]

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OECD calls out countries for their inconsistent rules on crypto taxation

The report suggests giving preferential tax treatment to PoS over PoW-based crypto assets. A study of cryptocurrency taxation regimes from around the world by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, found that global crypto taxation laws are highly inconsistent. Source: OECD Report. The way crypto assets are defined vary greatly by jurisdiction. […]

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