Community Asked for Input to Guide Australia’s Blockchain Roadmap

The Australian Government has reached out to the blockchain community to help identify opportunities for blockchain adoption in the supply chain and credentialing sectors. The Australian National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee has reached out to the wider blockchain community in order to create working groups to explore specific applications of the technology within the supply […]

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Authorities Take Down Biggest Criminal Chat Network Yet

Authorities across Europe take down an organized crime syndicate that used an encrypted chat network to coordinate their illicit activities. Law enforcement authorities throughout Europe arrested over 800 individuals that allegedly were using an encrypted chat network to coordinate their illicit activities. 60,000 members EncroChat was using modified Android devices to provide its users “worry […]

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Australian Securities Exchange Switch to Blockchain Delayed to 2022

After stakeholders raised concerns about the Australian Securities Exchange’s blockchain infrastructure plan, it has been postponed until 2022. The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has further delayed its switch to blockchain after public lobbying from key stakeholders. According to a June 30 update from the ASX, the exchange has officially delayed the rollout of Distributed Ledger […]

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