AR Crypto Game Makes an Impact on Social Distancing

Crypto company,Triffic, is rewarding users with crypto for social distancing in their growing AR game. The coronavirus pandemic is causing the worst global economic recession among all business sectors since 1929. Advertising and marketing budgets alone could see a $3 billion loss in 2020. Both traditional brands and crypto companies are replacing their high profile […]

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What Will Be the Early Privacy Impact of Secure Multiparty Computation?

Privacy, efficiency and scalability: The improvements that can secure multiparty computation bring to the crypto industry. Currently, one of the most rigorously examined corners of the surging cryptography space, secure multiparty computation, or sMPC, is widely considered a viable solution to many practical situations in the real world. The concept has some promising implications ranging […]

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Does Algorand 2.0 Prove an Appealing Option for Developers?

Government agencies, sports franchises and mainstream exchanges are first real-world adopters of the popular “pure proof-of-stake” Algorand blockchain. Algorand officially unveiled a suite of new features to its pure-proof-of-stake network at the end of November, dubbed Algorand 2.0. The latest suite of technical innovation by the emerging “frictionless finance” network, the upgrade encompasses the official […]

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