You won’t believe the depths to which crypto scammers on Twitter are willing to sink

Twitter doesn’t seem able to move fast enough to stop thieves from grossly misusing their platform. Last Friday night, crypto YouTuber Ivan on Tech messaged me on Twitter. Shortly into our conversation, he graciously offered me an investment opportunity in “Bitcoin trading/mining”, courtesy of a platform that he alleged was associated with Binance.  A tale […]

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Charles Hoskinson’s treasury concept is about to get its first real-world test drive with ‘Project Catalyst’

This little project is expected to manage $70 million worth of ADA annually. IOHK has distributed $250,000 worth of ADA to Project Catalyst. These funds will be allocated to several Cardano-based projects proposed by the community. Project Catalyst is one of the building blocks of Cardano’s Voltaire era, which is expected to bring decentralized governance […]

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IOHK’s proposal for the ETC community could use Cardano or Bitcoin for prevention of 51% attacks

Will Ethereum Classic’s community accept this new solution from Charles Hoskinson’s IOHK? Earlier today, IOHK presented its checkpointing proposal to the Ethereum Classic (ETC) community. This is meant as a short-term solution for preventing future 51% attacks. In the past several weeks, the network has suffered a number of such attacks, which has cast doubt […]

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Charles Hoskinson’s IOHK submitted a decentralized treasury proposal to the Ethereum Classic Community

Would a 20% block reward reduction matter in the long run? Charles Hoskinson’s IOHK recently published two Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals, or ECIPs, meant to help the struggling chain recover after a slew of recent 51% attacks. The first introduced a checkpoint system to prevent the possibility of such attacks, and the second proposed a decentralized treasury — a seemingly […]

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